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 Ranger Automated Side Loader

Ranger Automated Side Loader

 Ranger Off-Road Package

Ranger Off-Road Package

 Ranger Split Body Automated SL

Ranger Split Body Automated SL

 Frontier Front Loader

Frontier Front Loader

 Ranger Confined Space Collector

Ranger Confined Space Collector

 Ranger Drop Frame Side Loader

Ranger Drop Frame Side Loader

 Ranger SA-2 Side Loader

Ranger SA-2 Side Loader


In the ongoing effort to offer the best customer service in the industry, Bridgeport Manufacturing has a dedicated staff of people ready to help minimize your downtime and keep your truck on the road.

We stock  our large facility in Bridgeport, TX with OEM parts staffed by workers with 25 years of experience in parts sales, warranty support, and repairs on any make and model of refuse body.

We also offer the capability to retrofit the very versatile and efficient Bridgeport Automated Arm on any and all brands of side loaders. 




Bridgeport Manufacturing

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The Kouri family has been building refuse trucks since 1960. Ed Kouri started Bemars Inc. in Los Angeles, CA building front loaders and roll off trucks until he sold his interest in the business to Maxon Industries in 1972.

Ed Kouri then moved up to the San Francisco area and started Able Body Company in 1976 with his son and apprentice Matthew. As Able Body, Ed continued the fine standard of manufacturing he had at Bemars, continuing to refine and perfect it throughout the 1970s. The started designing and making drop frame side loaders to compete with the popular Shu-Pak and began building dedicated recycling trucks to accommodate the growing recycling movement of the early 1980s.

The Kouri family continued to see success during the 1980s, selling their trucks in every state west of the Rockies. When his health started to decline during this period, Ed turned the day to day operations over to his sons Matthew and Tony. The automated side load technology was still young and hadn’t caught its true fire yet with many markets still running manual residential collection. Tony saw the potential in this emerging market and in 1989 took a welder to the back of the shop and spent a few days creating an automated arm concept to test and field. A test arm was retrofitted onto a modified drop frame side loader and Oakland Scavenger agreed to route test the new arm.

Upon Ed's retirement in 1992, Tony decided to start his own company in Texas and opened up shop in Bridgeport. Operating as Bridgeport Manufacturing, Tony built his first front loader for Portland Disposal Company in Portland, Oregon.

Ed moved out to Texas with Tony and even in retirement, he made sure he lived close to the production floor where you would often find him involved in the construction and design of the trucks. Tony continued to refine his automated arm design and with Ed’s help, saw growth in their new market.

Ed passed away in 1997 surrounded by family and friends. From the very beginning, he had helped shape the face of the commercial waste industry and some of his design innovations are still used on trucks made today. The Kouri family has been building garbage trucks for more than 65 years and holds the record for being the longest family owned builder in the U.S. You can find their trucks coast to coast, which is a testament to the vision Ed had in California more than 50 years ago.

Bemars On Route In Portland, Oregon

Bemars factory ca. 1962

Bemars Front Loader ca. 1964

Able Body Company Drop Frame

Able Body Company

Tony's First Automated Truck





Territory: Northwest/Great Plains



Territory: Southeast






Territory: California, Nevada





Bridgeport Manufacturing employs dedicated professionals: Administrative Personnel, Welders, Fabricators and Sales Staff.

Minimum Qualifications
Bridgeport Manufacturing supports a drug-free work environment and requires pre-employment background checks and drug screening for all positions


Current Openings: 

Hydraulic and Electrical Service Technician  - position requires travel

Welder - Bridgeport plant



Email all resume and cover letters to:

Bridgeport Manufacturing is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.  This company will provide equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.  Information collected regarding categories as provided by law will in no way affect the decision regarding an employment application.